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US GENERAL DENIAL ALLYN about saving the US military wounded in Operation Enduring Freedom
They sent me the electronic address of the American General GENERAL DENIAL ALLYN so that I could talk to him about saving the American military soldier wounded in the terrorist attack in Afghanistan, who turned out to be without funds. This is insisted, despite my comments that the data of the US military are used in letters to Russian women to discredit the US Army. In this are all the favorite names of M. Zakharova from the Foreign Ministry.
As I continue to receive letters from GENERAL DENIAL ALLYN, I wrote today a big letter from GENERAL DENIAL ALLYN, who before his resignation in 2017 served as the 35th Deputy Chief of Staff of the United States Army, and publish it.

In English (Google translation) and in Russian
Dear GENERAL DENIAL ALLYN Head of Special Forces (HSF)
I was not aware of the complete information about X, which you reported in a letter of May 9, 2018. I learned this from you:
"... X is the captain of the ISAF preliminary group of the 10th Mountain Division of the US Army, currently serving in the camp and the US regiment in the Kabul Regiment, 3.9 Operation Enduring Freedom, Leatherneck in Afghanistan."
I knew about ISAF as the place of service, which is indicated in profile X on Facebook (without photo). C X I communicated through the Facebook messenger.
When meeting with Lucas James, he assured me that he is the person who gave me moral support for the letter a year ago. In the profile of this person who gave me moral support a year ago, there was a photo in the military office, but his name was different - Jurgen. I got the impression that Jurgen is related to the Red Cross.
Perhaps "Jurgen" is an alias, since the Facebook profile included a photo.
I received the letter through the messenger from "Jurgen" with the support after I published an article about the attempt of hacking my site yaroslavova.ru
About this in the article:
"Who needed to" crack a fox "my site Yaroslavova.ru by the day of St. George the Victorious? IP address Ireland, Dublin, Merck and Co (alkaloids, diabetes). 23.04.17 - the anniversary of my Facebook account on the day of St. George "http://www.yaroslavova.ru/main.mhtml?Part=15&PubID=1360
Following the message from "Jurgen" came the message from the second person. I did not remember his name. But he has an unusual manner of photographing.
Photos of a man made in such an unusual manner, I received in March 2018, 10 months after the letter "Jurgen". These were photos, both military and domestic. Photos in the profile in civilian clothes among the military. But the name is different.
Photos of a man with an unusual manner of taking pictures I received from X in April 2018. It was a new photo in the home.
In April 2018, I forwarded X part of the photo "Jurgen". Only the office (without the photo "Jurgen"). "X" assured me that this is his office. And that the time of our acquaintance is a year.
I equated after that "Jurgen" and "X".
At the request of "X" I sent him photographs, which he claimed to have sent me earlier. But only the general sent me photos in March 2018. I sent a "X" part of the photo of this general (replica). In the following letters, "X" sent a photo of the same person in a home setting. He has the same unusual manner of photographing as a man whose letter I received right after the letter "Jurgen" a year ago in April 2017.
I submitted my personal data because "X" needs rest.
I confirmed that I am a real person. And she believed that this was enough.
I thought that all other issues would be resolved.
Already after I provided the data, I met articles about the fraudulent use of personal data of the US military in letters to Russian women. I reported this to "X".
These publications mention the names of several generals, including John Allen.
I understand that generals have other decision-making algorithms, and they are not guided by the opinion of the people. They have faced provocations many times.
But I'm a woman. I'm a civilian. And I got the impression that I also need to insure myself.
I helped veterans of the war in honor of the 70th anniversary of the Victory. When it was necessary to get money from the budget of Russia, those who called themselves the group of Veterans, distributed 4000 thousand Thank-you letters to the Internet. And then, apparently, the same group, these Thanksgiving letters deleted from the network. Perhaps it was a corrupt criminal building lobby for the military in Russia.
"What is the motive for the powerful forces that are destroying letters of gratitude for my help to the veterans of the Second World War?" Https://yaroslavova.livejournal.com/434460.html
I thought that the military armies of the United States and Britain are distinguished by a careful attitude to human capital. The media stressed that during the April mission in Syria, not one military man was killed.
Similarly, the British army ("The Home Service Force was a Home Guard type force established in the United Kingdom in 1982").
If respectful attitude towards the military is a priority for the US and British armies, then why does Captain X have no money to travel to Russia to build his personal life and get rest after the wound he wrote about to me.
Why is the officer's service in a dangerous situation in Afghanistan in the anti-terrorist operation "Enduring Freedom", as you informed me, is not worthy of being paid in the army.
I gave my personal details for this.
This is the maximum that I could do in the described situation.
The uncertainty in question is probably the specificity of military activity. ...
A person must be represented.
Or it should be a well-known public figure.
In the case of the military United States or Britain in Russia, too, there must be a confirmation of identity.
After X informed me about the need to present my personal data to General Daniel Allyn on the general, as he wrote, to the email address, I looked at the Wikipedia article about you. She reports that since 2017 the general has retired. Perhaps this is not accurate information.
General Daniel Allyn is a graduate of the US Military Academy at West Point, which I wrote about as a military academy graduated from the US President, John Trump, at the site of the fort built by George Washington.
I find it hard to understand from Russia. Why, at such a serious level, they suggest that I transfer $ 1,200 to a US military man who was without pay to make a proposal to a woman and arrange his life after many years of service.
I'm sure it's not about money. And in another.
I once had a subordinate from the Tyumen association of reserve officers, who later moved to Gazprom. A few years later he had an alliance with Tyumen teachers who decided to tackle "anti-terrorist" activities after my article:
"Strategic Counter-terrorism. Communication between the media and terrorism "http://www.yaroslavova.ru/main.mhtml?Part=58&PubID=1226
It is very sad that people with such a small amount of knowledge began to show illiterate activity in this area. I had the impression that they were cooperating with Voronezh University, which has a joint project with the US Military Academy at West Point
In this case, I repeat. I am a woman. I'm a civilian.
"X", I do not exclude, a pseudonym, like "Jurgen".
My personal data in this situation also need to be protected. I ask for the protection of my personal data, so that they are not used anywhere without my consent. I gave them only to confirm the identity.
It is possible to organize a trip to my country "X" in such a way as to limit the personal data transferred by me about the reality of my personality.
Sincerely, Natalia Yaroslavova-Obolenskaya Saint-Petersburg, Petrodvorets
May 11, 2018