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Secret of last sensational Decree of the Prince of Pskov Yaroslav Obolensky (princes of Jaroslavovy)

© N.B.Chistjakova - Jaroslavova

12/21/2010 of year, St.-Petersburg

 The full text with illustrations http://www.yaroslavova.ru/main.mhtml?Part=15&PubID=520

The sensational find, a concerning history of creation of the Russian state and Pskov, named scientific stars of the Baltic countries the Reading and writing of prince Yaroslav Vasilevicha Obolensky found seven years ago in a garret of the Town hall of the city of Talina. This last Decree in his life, become by the brightest historical opening of the XXI-st century, the ancestor of princes of Jaroslavovyh has signed in 1487 before the most death.

Thereby, prince Yaroslav Obolensky Striga has put last "point" in its relations with the Livonsky Award of the crusaders which Master has been expelled by it from its residence - the Vendensky Lock during Jaroslavova Obolensky's victorious Livonsky campaign at the head of 20 thousand armies. …

The prince Pskov call Yaroslav Vasilevicha Obolensky the foreign sources telling about the same Livonsky campaign.

Here in this form of the Prince Pskov and simultaneously the deputy of Moscow the ancestor of princes of Jaroslavovyh had to solve such problems which weren't solved by anybody and never in the history of Russia!.    

The matter is that Pskov those years was the independent state and only later 23 years after death of the Sovereign Pskov - Yaroslav Obolensky, the city has entered, is exclusive on contractual conditions, in Russian State structure. Therefore among Nikolay II Romanov's regalia up to the revolution of 1917 appeared - a sovereign Pskov.

Here, near to Pskov, princess Olga - the foundress of the Kiev Russia, from a sort of a slavic tsarevna Swans in which tsarinas possessed simultaneously the secular and religious power as the Pskov regional specialists consider was born also. I.e. it was not simply the aristocratic family, it was also a sort of high priests.

 And according to Ioakimovsky annals, princess Olga ordered to construct the city of Pskov on river bank Great.

Pskov and that from the date of the basis of Pskovo-Pecherskogo of a monastery called it “the House Presvjatoj of the Virgin” that has found the reflection and in the history of the Pskov icons is unique. For example, the Icon of the end of a XVIII-th century from Nikolsky of a temple, and is called «as Pskovo-Pecherskaja a monastery – Dom Prechistoj Bogoroditsy».

Even more surprisingly that date of the basis of Pskovo – the Pechersky monastery - on August, 28th, 1473 when at the Pskov prince Yaroslav Obolensky the Church for the sake of Uspenija Presvjatoj Bogoroditsy Pskovo-Pechersky of a monastery was shined...

Thus, the basis Pskovo-Pecherskoj of Monastery - became one more great event which has entered a name of prince Yaroslav Vasilevicha Obolensky in history of the Pskov and Russian state.  

Prince Yaroslav Obolensky has been called to Pskov one year prior to the basis of Pskovo-Pecherskogo of a monastery, in 1472. It from Russia free inhabitants of Pskov have urged to reign in the state Pskov. 

And this 1472 in which Yaroslav Obolensky became the Prince Pskov, well-known to history of Russia. This year the Byzantian tsarevna Sofia - Ivan's future wife III «ascended on Russian throne» through «the House of Bozhiej of Mother» - Pskov. A hereditary tsarevna from the Byzantian sort christening princess Olga, with all evidence, authentically knew about Pskov and about a sort of slavic princess Olga that then Romanovs and not only they carefully hid.

So, Yaroslav Obolensky has entered itself in History: 

First, the unique Reading and writing found in Taline, and become scientific sensation; 

Secondly, the Livonsky campaign in protection of Pskov - as «at Houses Divine swear»;

Thirdly, the basis of Pskovo-Pecherskogo of a monastery.

These three lines it is enough for any Great destiny! 

But Jaroslavava Obolensky's name is connected with three Pskov relics:

With the Krypetsky monastery, which patron it was. And constructed to a monastery «Jaroslavovym the bridge» in three versts, named in its honor. («Saburovy: Courtiers and the Tsarina, the princess Obolensky (Saburova) - родоночальница princes of Jaroslavovyh» http://www.yaroslavova.ru/main.mhtml?Part=16&PubID=377)

  With the Snetogorsky monastery in which advantage it had been solved an agrarian question. His son Michael Chet participated in the fair decision of this question also.

 And also - the Troitsk Cathedral of Pskov – the center of Grand-ducal life of a city where Yaroslav Vasilevich also has been buried, as the Pskov Sovereign!

He has died - in a form of the Sovereign of Pskov!

 The spouse of Prince Yaroslav-Obolensky from Rjurikov, nee Saburova, and his son Michael Chet Jaroslavov – Obolensky are buried separately in Ioanno-Predtechensky a female monastery on Zaveliche 

  Yaroslav Vasilevicha Obolensky's this marriage with Aloetic of the sort of Murzy the Couple which has based, after the phenomenon to it Bozhiej of mother, Kostroma the Ipatevsky monastery, doubly strengthened religious aspect of the power of prince Yaroslav, its destiny and, simultaneously, its religionism which it has left not a smaller trace in the history of Pskov and Russia («the Ipatevsky monastery Aloetic and Godunovyh» http://www.yaroslavova.ru/main.mhtml?Part=16&PubID=510).

 It was fanatically religious and, seemingly, knew about Pskov Strigolnichestve that is today a subject of deep studying, even, not so much domestic, how many, first of all, foreign researchers («Kings sorcerers of Merovingi and Pskov богомилы Strigi Obolenskys» http://www.yaroslavova.ru/main.mhtml?Part=16&PubID=477).

It named cruel and greedy.  

It is assured that Yaroslav Obolensky's winter Livonsky campaign without rigidity, certainly, hasn't managed. After all the Master of the Livonsky award, without expecting an attack in the winter, has released on rest the 100 thousand army. As a result, the Pskov prince Yaroslav together with Ivan Bulgakom has won it five times smaller forces.

As to the prince called псковичами from Russia for a military alliance against attacking «Livonsky award», to Yaroslav Vasilevichu Obolensky it was necessary to operate and in interests псковичей, and in interests of tsar Ivan III. Besides, problems - in interests of the Great Moscow prince should be solved unique, and sometimes and not too pleasant for the person of Noble blood. Business was so that Ivan III ordered to weaken Pskov вотчинников the earths through «search of conspirators». Other way to move from Free Pskov large Pskov feudal lords at it weren't. As there was no also other way to weaken Pskov with the purpose to strengthen the actual power in it. 

 … As prince Yaroslav Obolensky is visible, on the one hand, including, at the expense of rigidity of its character has managed to protect Pskov - «the House of Bozhiej of mother» in its Livonsky a campaign. And his name is connected with the most known Pskov monasteries that too can be estimated. On the other hand, in days of epidemic моровой ulcers interpret his death, as punishment to it for construction Moscow «power Verticals» as would tell today.

And nevertheless, after centuries, I can tell that its positive contribution to history of Catholic Europe and orthodox Russia, obviously outweighs lacks of its passional character shown at the decision of those superchallenges which before it stood.

  Besides, the sensational find of the Reading and writing of Yaroslav Obolensky in Taline directly proves that we know about the Sovereign of Pskov - Yaroslav Vasileviche Obolensky more few.

I will pay attention that the Reading and writing is found not somewhere, and - in Ratushe Talina.

And the Town hall is a sign on all cities which lived under «the Magdebursky right» and under protection «the Magdebourg Maiden with an apple, going not Swans»

Yaroslav Obolensky's ancient Reading and writing has been hidden on an attic of the Town hall among documents of 19 centuries.      

And it was зафишрована!

   I.e. the code number was used in dialogue between its addressees, most likely, - crusaders, and the Pskov Prince - Yaroslav Vasilevichem Obolensky.

 However that is surprising, the Reading and writing text isn't deciphered till now and not read! Or the Reading and writing is already deciphered, but the secret of its text is closed!

  And sharp growth of activity round the Pskov monasteries, probably, is connected not only that the reminder «About the Third Rome», but also and with a secret of this Reading and writing of the Ancestor of princes Jaroslavovyh-Obolensky from here has come.

 The history of sensation round Yaroslav's reading and writing is described by Sergey Nekrasov in «the Independent newspaper» in article:

 «Feudal republic Pskov. Recently found unique reading and writing from 1487 of Pskov prince Yaroslav Vasilevicha Obolensky is not read till now» http:// www.ng.ru/science/2003-04-23/15_pskov.html


Many Miracles, in the history of a sort of Jaroslavovyh are probably connected by that more 500 years ago the ancestor of princes of Jaroslavovyh has taken up risk and participated in illumination of Pskovo-Pecherskogo of a monastery which priests of the Troitsk Cathedral of Pskov have refused to consecrate.

  And here so, the responsibility taken by it once up, произросла in perfect a fantastic story about the Pskov and Pechersky Miracles. 


 Such the Prince of Pskov Yaroslav Vasilevich Obolensky has managed to make of the Chernigov princely house Rjurikov Something before the death that not only has expiated the sins, but also has set what cardinal turn in destiny of Pskov and Russia.


The full text with illustrations  http://www.yaroslavova.ru/main.mhtml?Part=15&PubID=520

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Мои поздравления! С новым 2011 годом!

Мои поздравления! С новым 2011 годом!

С Новым 2011 Годом поздравляю всех любящих Россию и верных России людей: соотечественников, читателей, соратников, сообщников, подельников, друзей и выражаю надежду на безусловное проявление национального Сочувствия и Содействия нашей Солидарности русских в России и за ее пределами, господа и сударыни!
При нашем Сочувствии и Содействии любое сложное и важное дело при наличии необходимой культуры ( культура в данном случае это некая среда, где происходит идентификация носителя человеческого духа, русского духа, если упрощенно ) уже решается значительно проще.

Почему так ? Просто я исхожу из своего опыта,- положительного опыта в том, что даже на начальном этапе необходимо проявлять Сочувствие и Содействие словом и духом.
Именно проблема в солидарности и первом шаге к этому - самоопределении !!!
Я понимаю, что без Сочувствия и Содействия в Солидарности не будет никакой возможности в проявлении СПРАВЕДЛИВОСТИ и следовательно никаких, как минимум, удовлетворительных решений и достойных форм существования моего народа !!!
Сочувствие и Содействие- это частица Божьей Благодати и для этого в поте лица нужно именно за такую национальную русскую Солидарность работать и бороться !!!
Бороться за нашу русскую идентификацию Сочувствия и Содействия в Солидарности среди русских и не здаваться ни в коем разе!!!
Успехов нам, вам и мне в Сочувствии и Содействии нашей национальной Солидарности !!!
Возможно, что "умеренное социально-националистическое" движение проявит себя уже в этом году с самой лучшей стороны, ведь нет ничего невозможного. А у русского сообщества и российского общества есть крайняя нужда и необходимость в этом. Есть в нашем обществе запрос на умеренно националистическую идею и практику.
Для освещения и просвещения по данной тематике в положительном смысле и обсуждения возможных решений есть сообщество в Живом Журнале «Русский Вопрос»: http://community.livejournal.com/rus_vopros/
Итак, друзья я от всего своего русского сердца поздравляю с Новым 2011 годом всех нас, и наших близких и Великий народ России, а также все русскоговорящее население стран мира и всем нам желаю здоровья, счастья и успехов от Бога. Надеюсь, что в Новом 2011 году наш народ сумеет нейтрализовать все интриги, направленные на разобщение жителей страны по специальному разделению по национально-этническому признаку без понимания дружеского взаимодействия русской общины с другими этническими общинами, и что мы обязательно добавим к своей истории еще одну великую страницу, с которой можно будет всем нам, народам России, гордиться !!!
Искренне Ваш русский человек Александр.

Re: Мои поздравления! С новым 2011 годом!

Александр, Спасибо за Новогодние поздравления!
В этом году хорошо узнала , что такое Солидарность, когда в сети распространили 3000 благодарственных писем в мою поддержку. А точнее сказать в поддержку того, что я поддержала в порядке сострадания и сочувствия .
И я подумала : Какая мощь эта Солидарность!

Читаю Савелия, много знакомых «лиц» и все , действительно, корректно

Да, конечно это мощь, Re: Мои поздравления! С новым 2011 год

Хотелось бы это раскрутить и двинуться дальше, можно ли в январе с Вами встретиться ?

Апосля праздников ?

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