August 3rd, 2012

The Kremlin ....And the «Big failure » of the Tyumen PR technologists with Pussy Riot? !

(S) Natalia Yaroslavova - Chistyakova

In comments dated 5 March : «Pussy Riot. Why my phone «appropriated» Art - group? » I spent the idea that in this history is visible trace of those who know and read my personal site «Russia and Swans». And this, first of all, - geophysicist of Tyumen.
And here yesterday, apart from me, like the idea that this is a big failure
пиартехнологов, who decided to appease the present mayor of Moscow S.Sobyanin- former Tyumen Governor, with an important clarification on the role of «Gorky Park», for the sake of whom are all things and at all, expressed Protodeacon Andrey Kurayev, what the article says:
«With the case Pussy Riot linked Abramovich»
In fact, Andrey Kuraev also pointed out the Tyumen-Ural trail. and confirmed the perception of «Gorky Park», as a political project.
«Participants of the punk band,... were in this situation only some hostages political game. «They don't even pawns, and something less, and that is their trouble», - considers Kuraev. ... «hypothesis suggests that the order came from a third-rate people of Putin's staff.
After that, as from the Kremlin went Vladislav Surkov, believes archdeacon, a number of officials decided to prove to the authorities of his ability to think outside the box, to act «in the style of  Department of agitation   of the CPSU Central Committee», which was invented share with Pussy Riot. Knowledgeable sources Kuraev believe that one of the possible organizers of the rally was «a man of Roman Abramovich» - Sergey Kapkov.
But then, notes Orthodox missionary, things did not go quite as planned. The action was initially planned, according to the hypothesis, as a pre-election move, however, incorrect reaction of the Patriarchate, which has become too rigid, made this step in the resonant case and attracted to the «punk prayer» attention all they could from the Russian opposition to the foreign artists».
The history of the Tyumen Park - prototype «of the Park them. Gorky» was referred to me in the article «the Master plan without cuts», references to which are included in the publication of the Krymsk : « the Cataclysms of the black sea coast of Russia and the Political upheavals ... Settled not there? Or settled not those?» 

It is not so many days, from the date of that publication, and another reference to the article «the Master plan without cuts» - already killed. I.e. now it is already the third page, where the deleted material «Master plan without the bills» on practice «work with the master plan» Tyumen builders, «raskormivshihsya»    (received a lot of feed,   heightened  )  on commodity money.
Is it so «the ground beneath her feet off»? («Tyumen lobbistka (the woman lobby)  found its place in the «Public chamber»    ) .
Or is it for the sake of the next   PR project Tyumentsev, which they almost pushed the Kremlin, offering on the basis of the labour collectives it is Tyumen builders to create the «Labour party»? («This is my family is from Rurik. And you, too? - surprised the master Ostrovsky»  )
In fact, the geophysicist of Tyumen in politics long wanted to present themselves as some kind of «gardeners», i.e. outlined in the strategy, described in the section «Economy gardeners vs economy   monkeys » section of my site «Global economic strategy, navigation»  .
Therefore, Tyumen «
пеарщики» it is quite probable the authors of the idea about Pussy Riot «sell » from its name, including the fact that it is written in the article :
«The economy of the Gardeners» - «Gardens of the world and Water»: «All the money is made Near the Water and on the Water!» - the main rule of Big business»
In particular, the «enrich»
собянинскую command, as well as command now Sverdlovsk Governor's Куйвашева   Kuivasheva
So far, however, it turns out not so good:
«Virtual «Narodnoye Veche»: Give Tyumen in «Good hands»! Down with the «suhorukih (dry hands or hands, in which nothing grows) »!»

Thus, the politicization of the project «Gorky Park», on which drew the attention of the Andrei Kuraev, is the second indication that the «third-rate PR technologists» mentioned Protodeacon, have Tyumen roots.
Moreover, this scenario «Kapkov – Sobchak –Park » I figured out yet in 2009, when on April 4, 2009 put a comment :
«Who found a strong rival Ksenia Sobchak?» (full text below)

Moscow « balls serious misses».
Policy from the Ksyusha still weak, although her and pulled.
(«This was one of those Tuscan nights, after which Tuscany remains forever in your heart»

«The Executive Director of the oil company TNK-BP German Khan bought a magnificent mansion on the coast of Tuscany»

«Alfa - Elections: «the doctrine of 77» in Tyumen, trend: from Dmitry - to Dmitriev in St. Petersburg, Lemons 22 and «the Afghan contingent» in Moscow» )

And here is the Andrei Kuraev foresight.
Help blind impossible. Geophysicist of Tyumen operate on standard
кондовым накатанным schemes. If Moscow can not read even this primitive. this is very sad.
I repeat. Well, that among this blindness is all there is insightful people.

The third indication of the Tyumen trail, is the fact that the girls chose their destination of the mother of God.
I think in Russia there is no one, who in recent years, wrote about the mother of God as much, how much of it I wrote.
Accordingly, the Tyumen region and geophysicist of Tyumen well read on the topic of the virgin. This is I feel and feedback.
Theme of the mother of God, in 2010 and 2011 has been devoted to the following publications ...
«Vilna mother of God with the Moon and the Sun and the «Great Queen» Michel de Notre Dame (2010) »

«Princess Yar monarchy «Aurora Borealis» and Merciful Vilenskaya of the mother of God «the Gates of Dawn» - Dawn gate» (2011)

«Abkhazia is the inheritance of the mother of God, Lions Venice of the North and the secret of the gospel of St. Mark» (2011)

« Yaroslavichs and   Arslanovichs as the key to the understanding of the mystery of Kazan Mother of God and the history of Ryazan princes «of the Moscow Prince's House» (2011)

«Knight's cult of Weeping  Mothers of God and Weeping Yaroslavn: Filermskaya  icon of the «Maltese cross», Kazan and Fire prominent of the blessed virgin (2011)

.«Of Yaroslav,  Svetlo-Yarovi  schismatics and Cossacks at the place of the phenomenon of «Hope in the end of the World» - Tabinskaya icons Khazar diocese in the Republic of Bashkortostan»

The most interesting that the theme of the mother of God, by all indications, it is «from Tyumen PR technologists » has passed and here in this article, the
Andrey Nikolaevich Shishkin - the new Deputy Igor Sechin

«The name says, that he is the Father and the Mother of God. Surname says the same thing.
This is the very Mother of God!
You know how it is Holy God's Mother. It guards us, feeds them and brings them up. All our thoughts and hopes are turned to God.
Andrey Shishkin - a person who helps to God.
He is endowed with the best human qualities and managerial abilities.
Shishkin Andrey Nikolaevich was born on March 13, 1959 in the city of Krasnoyarsk...»

As we can see, Almost the mother of God.

Too, not to the «virgin», addressed Pussy Riot?

P.S. Note,   these third-Tyumen political technologists have already been appointed head of the Tyumen staff M. Prokhorov in his «Right of way», but
М. Prokhorov in time distanced himself about all this «Right the party»

Date 4 April 2009
«Who found a strong rival Ksenia Sobchak?»
(S) Natalia Yaroslavova - Chistyakova
on April 4, 2009
«You remember that someday, the Minister of internal Affairs of Russia acted against the closure of the television transfer? The more a woman-politician? Ksenia Sobchak figure of the impact of, and any piece of influence is always in politics. Cannot, a priori, be outside of politics daughter of Anatoly Sobchak. She was born in her, when Anatoly Sobchak was the ascending line of his career. And get out of politics is impossible! Because there is no former politicians, as well as former employees of the KGB. The more the unquestioned authority of astrology
Н.Панкратов predicted her governorship in St-Petersburg somewhere in 2016 or 2020. Pictures of the House -2 probably not improve morality. But if it was alive Н.Бехтерева she would have explained that even more destroys the consciousness of the «Viewing porn in the group,» what do the so-called Commission on morality (not rarely of deputies and officials), looking at up to 200 movies. Someone has to deal with this «assenizatorstvom  (the plumber) », but unfortunately, the brain of these people struck by the fact that records when viewing and execution of the functions of management of people trust them, I'm sure, is fraught with».
Please comment on the chief editor of «Vechernyaya Tyumen» on this post

How to become a «Star» Forbes and policy. KGB С.С.С.Р. ( Minsk) and the elections of the Governor

of the Tyumen region

(S) Natalia Yaroslavova - Chistyakova - candidate of technical science. , head of the project «Citizens FOR
energy security: security of supply and security of
power objects»

1 - August 2, 2012

Full text of the link

In the first five years of the XXI century, I was once asked : «Natalia, do you know Andrew Shishkin? » . I answered : «No. I don't know Andrei Shishkin». I really didn't know anything about this person. Because I hadn't heard of it, not even in the years of work in the Tyumen regional Council and of the Tyumen regional Duma, or as Deputy Director General of the Center Strategy of Regional Development of the Tyumen region, or being the Head of Department on public relations of administration of the Tyumen region, nor as the first Deputy General Director of JSC «Tyumen Gorelektroset». It was not on the horizon, Tyumen oblast Andrey Shishkin! Nor energy, nor of the oil or gas industry worker.... was Not, and could not be known to me А. Shishkin .

Until 2000, Andrey Shishkin 8 years, stretch, worked in one position: Deputy head of the one of the offices of some of Moscow's «Mestbank» (JSCB «Mestbank» ) .

In 2000 Andrey Shishkin graduated from the Higher courses of the KGB С.С.С.Р. (Minsk), i.e. in Belarus (?).

In 2000, however, the Soviet Union, as it is known, would not have existed for almost 10 years. Yes, and the abbreviation of the USSR was written without points.

In this case, in the same year 2000, I led the research direction in the electoral headquarters With. Sobyanin, whose initials - SCA - close to the name of the unknown courses («Who Is Sergei Sobyanin?»... Portrait Sobyanin appears from the past: Moscow gets a hunter and a technocrat»  ) . And during the election campaign took place «parody aboutstaff”s  (near   staff) servants, мнившей himself  pr-chikami   (disparaging of PR technologist)  », used the letters with dots  «С.С.С.Р.», as improvisation on the theme of the first letters of the name the current mayor of Moscow. However, officially, the election campaign «С.С.С.Р.» was not used, because it was all «garbage» those who just before the expected victory of  S.Sobyanin  sought to affect the «five kopecks participation», and all of their «non-liquid» отметалось a lot.
In the same year 2000, literally the week before the election S.Sobyanin  , I had a chance to communicate with the «Minsk», i.e. with the Belarusians in Moscow, which caused me impressive insult, and than I remembered.
Introduced me to the «Minsk» (Moscow) my sister S.Yaroslavova, for three years before that, asking to meet them. She had to raise his reputation. Besides, she herself had nothing to say, she doesn't know professionally oil topic - this is its «Achilles heel», therefore, and said to me, «for-sestrinsky  (as the sister of)» to help her. The halo of what I was doing, like, like its « relevant to the topic», although she was silent. The task she was, to keep silence, to remember and record. Well, three years later, the sister timely received information on the upcoming Moscow meeting and, as I understand it, is not without its participation, a kind of «doctor of Sciences» - one of the Deputy General Director on security issues gave me this is a great insult.
And although, not later than the day after, the first person asked me to forgive this «valuable frame», depicting from himself a scientist and even the doctor, «for insulted drunk and did not know what they do»...., nevertheless, the history was remembered. Moreover, it has continued to the present.
As recently as a month ago, that is interesting, I was asked to «forgive» and Andrey Shishkin, already designated by the time the Deputy President of «Rosneft» Igor Sechin.

«It is ours, Surgutsky, such a conflict-free» - they told me.
When he became the Surgut? If only it is about the «Surgut an alternative to the» Nizhny Novgorod and Sergei Kirienko?

Yes, everything was so « without conflict » that I was forced to contact the Tyumen FSB, after that, when the bandits blackmailed me, encouraging the time of your departure Tyumen.
The fact that, located in my command  the structure of Energosbyt, which «we prepared the» mark of JSC «Tyumen Gorelektroset» in a separate Tyumen power sales company, in the framework of the «reform» Chubais, eventually, became a base for the Tyumen energy retail company, which in 2005 was appointed the leader not who other, as «non-confrontational» Andrei Shishkin.

Well, since the strategy of the activity of the energy sales company was preparing me personally, and, of course, preparing her under him, that those who were interested in the interception of this project, and who fired me in Friday the 13th of that on a day off, it was necessary to another and to remove me from the territory, because direct competition in the Tyumen area I win it was hard for them.

As is already clear, «the beneficiary» from this my illegal dismissal was Andrei Shishkin, who in 2002 still leading Bank «Agropromcredit», who played not the last role in the fact that I, at the same time, began to «squeeze» and of the political Council of the «Union of the Right Forces», the member of which I was.

The history of this part is described in the article, 2006 «Tyumen vector «in the fate of the» Nikita Belykh and the «social turn» right»   where is explicitly mentioned Bank «Agropromcredit», directed by Andrey Shishkin, before he became the head of the structure, which is formed on the basis of OAO Energosbyt «Tyumen Gorelektroset», which received the name of «Tyumen power sales campaign»:

« ... the mention of Vadym Бондаре (note-e: former Chairman of the Tyumen SPS), as Explorer certain decisions in the context of urban Bank Tyumen true now and because of that .... Vadim Bondar tied together the theme of the PCA and banking issues. After all, after all the vicissitudes of the SPS ... Tyumen regional branch of the SPS now, according to the data of the Ministry of justice, headed by Dmitry Utkin - Director of the branch of the Bank «Agroimpulse ». (  reduction of the full text of the

The former head of OAO «Tyumenenergo» Artem BCIS and at the same time adviser A.B. Chubais, on the same dates the Chairman of the Board of Directors of LLC «Credit Agroprombank» (OOO KB «Agropromkredit» 01.04.2005.), as previously led them to structure of OAO «Tyumenenergo was, respectively - a corporate client of this Bank. According to the information, which is specially feeds Tyumen analysts, Advisor A. B. Chubais was and G.А.Roketskaya. I.e. in principle and «Uz» business (and others too) was enough...
I.e. associations: the URF is «RAO «UES of Russia» - «Tyumenenergo», housing and communal services - Tyumen banks, were all the more clearly»
As we can see, the draft SPS, and the creation of the Tyumen power sales campaign were linked. And «support from under the feet of the» me «get out at the same time:» and the Union of right-wing forces, and at the place of work. And the «gunner,» indicating all my points of support - was one of my closest environment.
Thus, in the years in question, Andrey Shishkin, de facto, control and SPS, and structure of the future of the Tyumen energy retail company, which he later headed.

At the same time drew attention to the fact that his past connected with the KGB, is presented to the even more actively than biographical data about the work of the KGB President Vladimir Putin.

And presentation of these, it is my impression that are supported PR technologists «Rosatom»

We are talking about the line of biography
«The KGB
С.С.С.Р. human resources officer 1984-1992 year» (Shishkin Andrey Nikolaevich : «Life from the KGB to the businessman» nikolaevich--zhizneopisanie-ot-adware-do-biznesmena-i-energetiki    )

Until 1982 The Chairman of KGB of the USSR Yuri Andropov, who has gone from the life in the year 1984, when a staff employee of the KGB became Andrey Shishkin.
The successor Also became V.V.Fedorchuk. Then there were:
Чебриков, Victor Mikhailovich (1982-1988)
• Hooks, Vladimir Alexandrovich (1988-1991)
• Bakatin, Vadim V. (1991)

Does his biography of Andrey Shishkin emphasis on the fact that he is not a man Also, and the people of Zhytomyr Ukrainian, the Chairman of the KGB of the Ukrainian SSR V.V. Fedorchuk ?

Note that in the biography of  V.V. Fedorchuk  straight draws attention to the fact that he was not a man Also.

«From may 26 to December 1982 (c transition Yu. In. Andropov in the secretaries of the Central Committee of the CPSU and before he came to power) - the Chairman of the KGB of the USSR. However, was not a member of the team Andropov and immediately after the election of the last General Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU Fedorchuk was removed from the KGB of the USSR. "Discontent aroused him and the activities of the new Chairman of the KGB of Fedorchuk ", - noted in his memoirs about the General Secretary Andropov, Gorbachev, indicating that"choice of  Fedorchuk was made by the Brezhnev", and the subsequent appointment of  Fedorchuk  the post of Minister of internal Affairs was "not to interfere with Ukraine and Scherbitsky "

In the context of the Urals Federal district has a value and the fact biography V.V.Fedorchuk  :

«In the bodies of state security since March 1939. Served as assistant to the operational authorized the special Department of NKVD of the Urals Military District. Since the beginning of the great Patriotic war - the Deputy chief of the special Department of NKVD 82-th motorized rifle division on the Western front. In 1942-1943 years - head of the special Department of NKVD tank brigades at Kalinin, West and North-Caucasian front. Since 1943, - the Deputy chief of Department of the SMERSH military counter-intelligence of Yaroslavl, in 1944-1949, Kalinin garrisons».

Source, of course Wikipedia, but as long as the editorial office.
In connection with the recent election in Krasnoyarsk, where he was born Andrey Shishkin, I mentioned the topic of this «tank policy»:

«That is the theme of the tanks is «red thread» in Russian politics... Before, however, the tanks were needed to fight external fascist invader. Now the «anti-fascist» decided to fight with М.Прохоровым...» («Prokhorov «scare» the Ural? Heavy «stupor» from the «Role-playing games»... .

To the Ural mountains and the tanks we have is the attitude of the new authorized representative of Ural Federal district Igor Ruricovich  Holmanskih  . Another Rurikovich appeared in the state Duma of the Russian Federation, in particular, - Kachaev Pavel Kachkayev stated.

Judging by his patronymic, so you can understand that the father Igor  Holmanskih called Rurik. I must say that from the Ryurikov, the name of the Rurik met only twice.

Along with the founder of Ryurikov was still in the 11th century Rurik Rostislavovich - «Prince Slonne, the son of Prince Rostislav Vladimirovich Tmutarakan    , one of the princes " rogue» (Rurik  Rostislavich )

Because I know the history of Ryurikov pretty good, the wondered about who in the times of Stalin could afford to be called the son of Riurik and not get, in this case, under Stalin's repressions?

After all, father Igor Ruricovich  Holmanskih (born in 1969. ) was born in about the years of the great Patriotic War.
Could do the father of the Ural Rurik be  V.V. Fedorchuk  , which in 1939, «served as assistant to the operational authorized the special Department of NKVD of the Ural Military District»?

In connection with the extreme rarity Ryurikov, thinking of the name Rurik and Professor Babkin, as they say in the comments «Red Zhirinovsky is what is not riurikovich ?!»    .

In any case, this may be understood so, that not only the special services of Belarus, but also the special services of Ukraine «painted» for Russia their scripts. Also, how, and Vice versa.
And Andrey Shishkin in advance knew that the Ural region will now position itself not « Andropovsami », and «  Fedorchuksami » («Andropov”s  project»: heavy crisis to the bottom pulls…

That's from this very Minsk, where in 2000 he graduated from the courses KGB С.С.С.Р. Andrey Shishkin, I just impose «slate theme»...
Now it is already clear that in this «oil shale panic» interested representatives of business of the electric power industry.

This allows them to «swap rate» in the activities of Russian energy to the electricity sector and, thereby, create an incentive for the growth of the share of the electric power industry, in General, the fuel and energy market.
I will say at once, I expected a different answer to the «quick shale call», than the change of rates of oil and gas in the electric power industry!

The rest is not commenting on. In the companies of many analysts - let them think.
Yes, and the conversation is about the other.
I do not rule out that «the Belarusians», which is spoken about, are relevant to the «White»project:

«The white book of Life, and White Russia: White Messengers, the White Eagles and White Swans  

In any case, in this project raises questions strange «Alliance» of the Belarusians and citizens of Nizhniy Novgorod. As well as the absence of the authors and the nickname of «the Transfiguration», the one who did the compilation of the text.
In recent times, there are flows «Preobrazhensky», as well as the borrowing of other respected names. So I prefer to deal with the native names are present and with those who is not ashamed of his authorship, and who are willing to bear for their appeals responsibility.
Thus, there remain questions on the part of the Andrei Shishkin became a graduate of the Minsk KGB

This may be a veiled designation «of the Security Council Sergei Sobyanin»?

Moreover, as time on his behalf was placed a message that A. B. Chubais, will have to «give отступную» in the form of RAO «UES of Russia».... (the «Haters of democracy» transfer all power to ensure that they «pass» handed it over to the monarch?»  ) .

«Chubais announced President Putin real war... Vladimir Putin will not give Chubais capacity to deploy the right flank ... May be he (Chubais) has cooled down after the elections, when the heat of the moment has declared war on the President, but too late now. Отступную from Chubais will take, but it will be RAO EU...» is from the same newspaper «the Security Council».

It is possible to understand : «otstupnuy (payment (share), to fail (behind)   » - and from the fact that emerges from this company in the course of its reformation. And Tyumen power sales company, just, and arose in the course of the reform of the Tyumen assets of RAO «UES of Russia».

In the history of my dismissal is very very ugly role played my sister S.Yaroslavova. She kept talking on the phone, as a provocateur. She  send    «friends» (send certain persons) , who repeatedly came to me and held me an idea: «write a letter of resignation - the most». Among them was N.Belousov  is a former Deputy Governor of the Tyumen region - L.Roketskogo, the shown interest to my activities since when I returned from Canada in the early 90-ies, which formed the system of paid use of subsoil Russia. Then, in the the beginning of the 90's, thanks to the timely obtained, «from my relatives», information Nikolay Belousov managed to put his man - А.Кряквина on the structure of the subsurface use administration of the Tyumen region, the establishment of which I made more than a year, again by itself, as in the regulation on the structure asked all of his strategy.

For the years of our 50-year-old   sestrinstva   (experience sisters ) my cousin had learned one hatchet skill.

It is a long time «sitting in ambush» and for a «long time shepherding» : when I «blow the Golden egg».

Well, because she will take it I got my business may not, it works - «наводчицей»
There is always someone who dreams of a career, to whom my sister would predict that he will be a Governor».

Long Nikolay Belousov the governorship was waiting for! Never received!

But those who want to «become governors» should not be translated. And sister never ceases to offer them their services «pr-shitsi»  (disparaging of PR technologist ) .

To be continued  and  Full text of the link