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«Open Government» : «substituting» of Experts of the Business itself destroyed the «Environment for

Expert councils and their ally White PR : the Economic crisis, as a sure sign of the destruction of the «Environment for Business and citizens

(S) Natalia Yaroslavova -Chistyakova
may 25, 2012, Tyumen

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The Minister for relations with the «open government» Mikhail Abyzov and the Expert Council under the Government of the people, who publicly oppose the authorities " these two innovations have caused the greatest interest, first of all, the business community, which at a certain stage learned to like devices officials, control of the flow of ideas and the analysts of the first persons, as well as introduce their representatives in the decision-making, first of all, at the expert level. The fact that the Examination in this hardware solution, in the hierarchy, subordinated to the Minister for relations with the «Open government», in General, correctly reflects one of the stages of evolution in organization of expert examination of draft decisions, which are binding for citizens and businesses.
The evolution of the I, for example, was held for the period from 1993, when was the Chairman of the «Council of Experts on subsoil use» of the legislative authority of the Tyumen region, - until 1997, when she was Head of Management on public relations of administration of the Tyumen region. I.e. on a comparable functions, Mikhail Abyzov, as well as I, was in about the same age. When I was 37 years old, he is now - 40. However, since 1997, it has been 15 years of age And those 15 years of my activities in the field of «public relations», and include a public examination «of the Rules for business and the citizens of the programs, projects, reforms, trends, etc.» are filled with the experience, the reflection of which I do not see in the organization of the activities of the new structure of the Government of the Russian Federation.
I see that the new Minister for relations with the «Open government» appointed personally by the President of Russia, and because its subordinate departments and of the Commission can be a kind of overseers of the activities of government officials. I.e. Mikhail Abyzov trusted communication between the elites and the dialogue with them.
In those times, when in the beginning of 90-s in Russia was formed by the Institute of public expert Examination of the legislative bodies of power, influence of the expert and the expert of the structure, built into the legislative process often even more than the influence of deputies. Indeed, after the contents of the Expert conclusions became public, the deputies it was very difficult to oppose anything the arguments of the expert and expertise, often reached a goal of the draft law was removed from consideration.
So, in particular, in my experience, it was with the project of the Tyumen oblast law «On oil and gas» in 1996 , which I recommended to the removal of the articles devoted to the questions of the earth, because of the fuzzy and deliberately confusing vocabulary on national minorities, and also due to the fact that it, in fact, was missing an important part of the on author's supervision for development projects in the conditions of the appearance of private ownership in the oil and gas and the adjustment of its business (the «Agreement of the expert examination of the project of the regional law «On oil and gas» with the Tyumen regional Duma», 1996
Again the same project of the law « On Oil and Gas» was on my expertise through year, as evidenced by contracts with the Tyumen regional Duma, illustrating this article (the «Agreement for examination of amendments to the draft regional law «On oil and gas» with the Tyumen regional Duma», 1997
Contracts with me, as with the expert, were in 1996-1997, for the reason that together with «acceleration of the Soviets» in the Tyumen regional Duma has disappeared, and the Expert Council for subsoil use, which I headed. And since that time I have had the monopoly to the examination of this group of laws, the regional Duma no anything other how to contact me.
No I created this monopoly. Just no one could take on such a complex examination, and those wishing to take possession of my knowledge, i.e. to repeat my way - was not. Such a monopoly - the only one - of «having the right to life», as well as the monopoly of «high technologies».
As already said - examination requires high qualification and knowledge of the historical background to create a system of paid use of mineral resources,  obtained on their own experience. The practice of examination of such laws, I repeat, no one other was not. Besides, the officials do not like to take the trouble of special laws. It is easier to spend a small amount of money from the budget. With denomination of 1998, expertise in 1997 was estimated in 3 thousand roubles. Today's equivalent of 15 thousand rubles. And the issue price of Oil-and-Gas - billions.
Any sane person understands: under what banditry you can get because of this «fork» : 15 thousand billion. Similarly, any - it is clear to which corruption can provoke this «plug» greedy and
недобросоветтных people, i.e. those of the

« Otgizateli   nails»  (gently "cut" teeth nails of the head of) , the Phenomenon of which I wrote in 2003, in the article
However, the Corporation only in the late 90's-early 2000's «realize» that it is easier to spend 200-300 thousand on some «quickly
сляпанного expert» than to face the situation, when the expert removes from consideration of the law, which changes the plans of those who lobbied («About «elections» to the «people's Front», «exotic» energy saving and «Human rights «lookout» ) .
It is clear, that for the price of 15 thousand rubles do not sell life science experience. And during the examination of this is what is happening.
The need for an agreement not dictated by money. In my case, Contracts with the regional Duma were needed to give the official status of my Expert conclusions. In fact, the only such opinions is guaranteed to appear in the folders to sessions of the Duma, formed for the deputies and the press. And in 1996-1997 I occupied the position of Deputy General Director of ZAO «Center of regional development strategy», the founder of which was the administration of the Tyumen region, i.e. was not
official ( clerk).
When mentioned my Expert opinion on the draft regional law «On oil and gas» from 1996 and 1997 have been made, the situation developed as well as in the case with the Telegram V.P.Orlovu  - Chairman of the Committee on Geology and mineral resources use of the Russian Federation of 1993. This story is described in the article «a Breakthrough in the «Iron billion»: dear gold and oil...»
There were people who expressed their displeasure not so much the content of the expert opinion, how much by the fact of my participation in this examination.
Deputy Governor of the oil and gas sector of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug
В.Карасеву was given false information that the developer regional law « On oil and gas» - I am. And since one of the purposes of this law was the «subordination» of the district - the law of the South of the Tyumen region, the Khanty viewed it as an encroachment on its independence and, accordingly, the claim for this «attack» in a conversation sent special to me.
In fact the project of the regional law «On oil and Gas» was I subjected to criticism, and developed it from a consulting company.
The developer of the law may not participate in the examination.
Unfortunately, we in Russia have a bad practice, when hiding the developers of the projects of laws and the authors of all kinds of ideas about decision-making, binding for citizens and businesses. Around these «secrets» there is all kinds of «stuff» and «intrigues». And of course, it is odd that the Deputy Governor of the richest oil and gas district, in essence, «the operated gossip» about the issue of the developer of the regional law «On oil and gas». But it is true. And he is not alone handled and processed information of this kind of «quality».
In this case is the case, this was the first sign of «information wars», in contrast to the participation of experts in the described processes (the «Influence «of information raiders» on energy security»
Return to the finalization of the draft regional law «On Oil and Gas» changed and plans of the Tyumen Governor  L. Roketskiy , which the law was needed also for the reason that at that time he was already preparing to create the Tyumen oil company, then became TNK-PB.
Leonid Yulianovich able to solve problems without Chinese warnings» to the address of experts. I.e., without threats.

A few months after my second examination of the draft law « On Oil and Gas», which was in 1997, the Governor has offered me the position of Head of Management on public relations of administration of the Tyumen region. And one of my first tasks is to support the creation of Tyumen the oil company in the mass media. However, even prior to the appointment, I published an article «the Tyumen region in the context of the global oil and gas strategies of the XXI century» (p. 78 the book «History of subsoil use...» )., which is, perhaps, something is not coincide with the future plans of  L. Roketskiy  and he decided to make me his soul mate.
Thus, my Expert opinion on the draft of the Tyumen law « On oil and gas» did not inspire nor the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug. neither the South of the Tyumen region. But the relationship with the critics and opponents they lined up in different ways.
This is a brief story of how I went Evolution : from the Chairman of the expert Council for subsoil use to the Chief of Department of public relations of administration of the Tyumen area, i.e. was on functions that are close to those which are now entrusted to Mikhail Abyzov - Minister for relations with the «Open Government»
And in 1997, this is my story, as a specialist, combining expertise with the PR and GR is not over, but on the contrary, one can say, only just begun.
After 8 years of her experience of the PR and GR I summarized in the report «the Career of VIP-persons, career technologists VIP-persons»
 at the all-Russia scientific-practical conference, which was held on 7 April 2005, under the patronage of the Federal Agency on education. Tyumen State oil and gas University, the Department of social technologies and of course RASSO   («all-Russian conference of PR and GR  RASSO  , TGNGY , the Ministry of education 2007», Tyumen
Since all of the residue of my report is destroyed in the network and me have to regularly change the active links in the base article, the present Program of the all-Russian scientific-practical conference, where's my report is referred to in section № 4 «public relations in the political and public structures.»
The name of the program a few changed without my knowledge: « the Career of VIP-persons, career PR - specialist». I.e. did not dare to call their names the second part. But the second part of the title of the report was a direct warning about threats for the VIP persons . (the «Report Н.Чистяковой «Career VIP-persons. Career Technologists VIP-persons», «all-Russian conference of PR and GR Ministry of education, RASSO , TGNGY, 2007, Tyumen»
Their consent to participate in the Conference, I gave in response to the Invitation to make a report at the Plenary meeting. Then began, already known to me, from previous experience, the intrigue. I began to ask the abstract of the report ( «Boris Yaroslaviv: diary-chronicle of the change of the political system of Russia. About the « bastard fear», «Lysenkovshina» in science and  Judas  among us»

I said that I will report directly to memory or make sketches directly to performance. Then I was told that the reports will be in alphabetical order of surnames, and my name on the letter «H», i.e. the report will be in the end of the day. This is how my report of the first in plenary sitting, it was transformed in the last section. In the first half of the day next to me sat the press-Secretary of the KMAD, which gave me the «wise advice» - to give the text of the report to the Presidium, because up to the end of the day the case before my speech does not exactly come... a Lot of it was all the «contraction» for me to make this report is not made. Was a faint E.Jafarova  immediately after the beginning of his speech « On the work of the Committee on Affairs of nationalities of the administration of the Tyumen region with the public», which woke up shortly after the Ambulance was called.
But, despite the force majeure event, the report I have made, including, with improvisations, with account of what happened. I have on this account were examples of life. The report wrote: and manually, and voice recorders. Naturally, he got at the disposal of the officials, close to S.Sobyaninu  , which after a few months went on increasing in Moscow.
I.e. «The career of VIP-persons», about which I said in the report, for it was made.
Interestingly, when this appeared the following information: « Sergey Sobyanin worked as a Governor, and Anastasia served with him «pearshisa»...» (« Pearshisa»

» )
Earlier in this field  A.Rakova (now
подпред of the Moscow mayor in the Moscow city Duma) never marked and in her biography is no such positions and positions relating to relations with the public.
А.Rakova  served as a «specialist in the field of constitutional law», but in the 90-ies, when they were the main issues in the relationships between Tyumen region and of the national Autonomous districts, she still went to school.
And in 2003 the examination of article 26.6 also as well as the whole of the draft amendments to the law «General principles of separation of powers between the Federal bodies of state power and bodies of state power of a subject of the Russian Federation»
 did I, personally, by agreement with the Khanty-Mansi Academy of social technologies and local self-government. Another difficult it was to do it again because of the experience and qualifications. For the «stumbling block» of the delimitation of powers was all the same subsoil use. And it was necessary to know the historical background. Do not exclude, that the authorship of this Expert opinion, almost 20 pages could be awarded because I did not publish it, but I'm not refused to copyright. I.e. for the author could give away to someone else, or keep silent about the authorship. Thus, could arise : and another one «great expert in the field of constitutional law»

The full text with the illustrations in the section «Oil, money and power» of the site

«Open Government» Mikhail Abysova

Expert councils and their ally White PR : the Economic crisis, as a sure sign of the destruction of the «Environment for Business and citizens

(S) Natalia   Yaroslavova-Chistyakova
may 25, 2012, Tyumen

The full text with the illustrations   in the section «Oil, money and power» of the site
The beginning of ...

In the months that passed since the date of my report on April 7, 2005 - until the appointment of S.Sobyanin  Head of the Administration of the President of the November 2005, the very same technology, from whom I, in his report, called upon to refuse, have been applied to me and to my former head of the  S.Smetanuku, at that time the Vice-Governor of the Tyumen region ( S.Smetanuk  )
Apply these technologies in relation With
S.Smetanuka could only those who have heard my report either directly or in writing («all-Russian conference of PR and GR  RASSO ,TGNGU, the Ministry of education 2007», Tyumen   )
After the report of the «Career VIP-persons, career technologists VIP-persons»  on meeting with me asked for another and  E.N.Jafarov («Report of the N.Christyakova «Career VIP-persons. Career Technologists VIP-persons», «all-Russian conference of PR and GR Ministry of education, RASSO,   TGNGU, 2007, Tyumen»  )
We spoke with him about 2 hours. It was said a lot of words about his immense gratitude that's waiting for me ahead, in particular, for the fact that I agreed to this meeting and «financed his knowledge».. While he positioned himself, the man admitted to  V.Surkovu» The future «Gratitude» consisted in the fact that for many years he was reinforcing those « botched» experts», which later led me to the alternative.
I must say that  S.
S.Smetanuk   then «missed balls». I think he thought that for a Career in government must be just «loyal to the authorities and have strong communication with the authorities. However, as subsequent events showed, «Ahead of his» act «black technologies». I must admit that it is hard to resist. But S.Smetanuk and did not know about these technologies. Because he, unlike its competitors, «'ll have made the VIP-career», not put on the table the text of my report. And I «cut» phones. And the telephones did not work required half a year - to change the first positions in the Tyumen authorities and presidential administration of the Russian Federation. Objectively, the S.Smetanuk  there was no Wealth or «controlled capital». And this factor was also important, but not decisive. Rich a lot.
Sergei Ivanovich «missed balls» not only in 2005. And in 2007, in connection with the informational before the regular personnel reshuffle, I was forced to make the publication of «the Conductors of information of aggression on the territory of Russia, who are they?»  . Editor of «Vechernyaya Gazeta» called this article : «Who ordered Smetanuka». shtml#01  the First band of the newspaper of the newspaper .
As for the current moment, the «funeral brigade (brigade which is «buried Career») «surrounds»
S.Smetanuk   for several years already. This « many heads  of snakes.» It is difficult to fight «Ivan Prince» - so in conversation with me in the Tyumen city Duma, called the chief of аппаратчицы, charmed by it once Везучестью. But any Lucky requires reinforcement of professionalism. I.e., the flow of analysts, who had previously provided Lucky  S.Smetanuka, behind him, «switched» on.
Note that even   M.Prokhorov
  with its capital could not resist against these technologies. I.e. known, in particular, to me, the pre-election black Tyumen  technologies - addressed to him, the team   M.Prokhorov
  somehow could not oppose anything effective. And not even looking through them. If I spent a continuous comparison of the documents, then it will be seen.
As is already clear, in the above mentioned report, I described the crude methods of violations of the dialogue in elites and called them not acceptable  . With these methods may well face and Mikhail Abyzov, - the Minister for relations with the «Open Government»
It was about the technology of «Break connection». Technology refers to the  violations of  (gap, break )    communications: i.e. pererezaniy     telephone lines  (cut the telephone lines), and to shut down the phone. And also - to the destruction of the interaction between the VIP - politician and his   PR -
technologist, an analyst, a specialist in public relations.
Specialist in the field of PR and GR technologies should recognizing them, as well as the investigator. After all, the investigator, who knows a lot of stories of murder, do not apply them in practice, in order to repeat the « way of the killer». This can only make a moral monster.
Similarly, the PR technologist should not use methods that apply «PR killer»  technology
I.e., I, first of all, calling to abandon the «black PR» in the relations between the elites and in respect of the Experts, as part of the elite.
Along with this, I gave signs of   professionally unfit    «PR», the only skill which - send faxes and underline in red pencil phrases out of context, in order to «devil» mind VIP-officials. Note that the officials, who have such helpers is not well characterized. Still one of the sign - love include voice recorders and «all write». They also run like boys and girls «with a bird», and eternal   
photo cameras  in his hands. All this is a mauvais ton. And often the brink of decent behaviour in society is broken so that such activities into a «blunt collection of information», which can be used to compromising. For example is not a good picture.
« Otgizateli   nails»  (gently "cut" teeth nails of the head of )   give the appearance of a lot of attention, because they believe that the appearance in the «Links» (the concept) is on the first place. And in the «expertise» - the main volume of the hips and waist. Therefore struggle with a competitor they start with the discrediting of his appearance. And in this context, of course, I understand and support the bans, for example, in   Bahrain , take pictures on the beaches and in the restaurants. Even with the youth parameters 90-60-90 I was not insured from unsuccessful shots. With age, the chances to become the object of this «compromising information» is increasing. This is a black PR technologies. As well as the black PR - technologies  I attribute aggressive PR «mistresses» VIP-persons»  . Me in different years was : «mistress,»  V.Karaseva  (then the Deputy of Oil and gas KhMAO), «mistress» S.Smetanuka

, «mistress» S.Sobyanin    . «Mistress,» Vyakhirev (Gazprom) is known in Tyumen for many years (the «New « Elitosroitelstvo ( the construction of elite)

» in Russia, « drunk  blood scientists and creators of» ) . Some  Bureaucratka (woman  bureaucracy)  I represent, as «mistress» N.Derbina (then Deputy head of the city of Tyumen). This is a whole galaxy. And the whole technology. Most often, these are ugly women, but a marker of articles about them is the phrase «beauty «so-and-so» And geophysicist of Tyumen who have problems in the assessment of : whether it is true or false, treated, including, and to me.
In these matters, I'm standing on the following: a Woman who has a relationship with VIP-person, always is silent about it, because she values relations. And if you started  dissemination of  information, which has the signs of « PR campaign,» the relationship or completed, or they have never been there.
Therefore, reverence before the Tyumen «lovers» I don't have.
But the company naive. And a lot of the «dummies». They «kept» these women, acting «in the name of the Lover». And of course, in this hypostasis «mistress» tend to break all Governments : open and closed. I.e. this is part of the «public Relations» and the issue of «Open Government». The «links» they create a lot, while the real experts are involved in the expertise. And before different VIP-AMI they are in a different hypostasis. For example, one and the same woman may allude to the fact that she was a «mistress» of the Governor, and in the relations with the head of the Governor - hint to him that she was a «woman», head of the national  Autonomous  district. Here's to you and the solution of the problems of Relations «between the region and districts»...
I write this with great irony. But in these « pearshikov» head arranged as negative. White their mind immediately turns black.
From the former Institute of «Favouritism» this phenomenon is different. Sultana itself did not dare to disclose their relationship. Such a challenge society could do only the king, the monarch, Emperor, or almost equal to him on impact. Besides, before the women were not
чиновницами and in the service. And women's career is on the whole a feature only of the last decade. After all, even in the 90's women Ministers were rare (an Interview to the magazine «Banzai»: Three stereotype of men on a Career as a women... «  )
It is for this reason a report in the Tyumen parliamentary newspaper with the all-Russian scientific-practical conference «public relations in the political and public structures.» was called «About «White PR» put in a good word.»
However, all that happened at this conference, about my report, by and large, was the consequence of my work in the status of the Head of the Department on public relations of administration of the Tyumen area, in front of my transition in the Tyumen city Duma.
It was a sort of «tail» of those whom I once out of compassion took to himself in Control (including introduced), and who is successful in the field, described me once in the article «the Phenomenon of   « Otgizateli   nails»  (gently "cut" teeth nails of the head of     »  . Although the mention of the phenomenon refers to the times of Empress Anna Ioannovnathat «Gratify» valued more than those who gave her the ideas of «On the Improvement of the Russian State».
Yes, and in modern practice there are such examples.
For the «Communications» - they are different.
The problem is, what he is talking about Z.Brzezinski. The United States before the others realized that the Environment for their state.
On the domestic market of Russia, unfortunately, it can not understand. Hence, the next Crisis.
Policy environment is needed, first of all, a business. But it is business has made everything to destroy it, financing in the power and about those, who has been aggressive in respect of Experts, which had preserved the Environment and put their main purpose - to improve it.
So it was in 1998 in the Tyumen city Duma, where I was already, as an expert, the whole range of socio-economic issues.
In this case, I have the expertise were already and programmes, and investment projects ... I also developed a project of the city of the normative act concerning Support and protection of investments. Why is good to know what kind of hardware solutions can give you the result, and what - not.
It is in this structure I to the greatest extent tested the potential of his post of the Head of expert division of the Tyumen city Duma. For coordination with the State Duma then I was given a status of the Expert Commission on the protection of the rights of investors of the state Duma of the Russian Federation, for which the Chairman of the Tyumen city Duma made a special appeal to the Chairman of the State Duma -
In the section of my site «Expertise and law-making»  called about 50 main expert of the conclusions of this period.
Besides, there were separate expert interviews : «corps Director believes that. Industrial policy : the role of the Director of the housing and local self-government», Part one  The second part
The conclusions of these examinations later, in part, were published in the article «Business on the benefits of» , The «Argumenty I Facty in Western Siberia» № 6 from February 2005), where particular attention was paid to the transport benefits. Unfortunately, after the publication of this article, described in her schemes became the basis for the real «business», which was preceded by a loud redistribution in the sector of passenger traffic of the city of Tyumen. But this was already after 6 years, after you have made themselves expert opinion. I.e., after my departure from the Tyumen city Duma was found no more no one who could stop it. Complicating the matter of the fact, that there came a time when freedom of speech is suppressed, and civil experts were replaced with lobbyists. I.e. they were the years in which he began working format, called me this way : « We are talking threat, they write : an action Plan».
We are the experts who have a «position» and publicly criticize the authorities. They are the ones who are inclined to corruption and to «business, based on the use of the administrative resource and infringement of the rights of citizens». Enough now see : in any cities of the manifest scheme, described in the article «Business» on concessions», in order to understand the prehistory and the origins of the business.
Bad characterize the situation in Tyumen and the excitement of the sphere of passenger transportation:
«The strike avtobusnik (the owner of the bus) in Tyumen»  13 February 2011,
«Private carriers Tyumen again prepare the strike»  , on September 9, 2011
«The full report of the strike avtobusnikov (the owner of the bus)    in Tyumen» :
«Among the the main demands of the participants of the picket is increasing the cost of travel, the resignation of a number of officials dealing with the public transport in the city of Tyumen, the increase of the salaries of the workers and improve their working conditions, as well as the conclusion of direct contracts between private carriers and the administration of the Tyumen».
The problems are the same as 10 years ago. But these problems are not solved, because the mechanism is enabled blocking and «Black PR».
Similar processes occurring in the sphere of repair of roads and improvement of  urban  of transport networks, as discussed in the article : «Moscow as the «trailing car» of «locomotive» of the Tyumen city Duma and CCRR( Petersburg) IT. Trends of the economy and policy»
These two examples show that only one effective Examination is not enough for the elimination of such negative perturbation of the citizens and business.
As we can see, in the late 90's, in the Tyumen city Duma a scheme of effective examination . But, of course, grew and opposition to this «Expert design», also as it was in those times, when it was created by the Expert Council on natural resources use of the Tyumen regional Duma and when I, as an Expert, made the expert opinion to the law on oil and Gaza, under the agreement with the Tyumen regional Duma.
The first opponent, as a rule, is a machine. He has effective means - «send an expert opinion at the ballot box». It is risky. But when the «price of the question» high, can practice. However, often they are trying to enlist the support of the first person, treating it like this, as described above. Such «experts» in the machine and among the «pigeon» are not translated. Yes and the first person, as a rule, these hardware features pose of a man who, in case of need, they secretly may give such an order. Therefore, you should always follow the personalities of the heads of apparatus of Doom.
Between the experts and the heads of apparatus of Doom there is a conflict of interests. Moreover, while the expert is working on a law, a worker operates. The apparatchiks more time for intrigues and communication with the purpose of prevention. Yes, and the powers - more.
I would not say that the machine in those years have defeated me. Of crucial importance was, in General, improper organization of all this work. But in order to explain this decision, the need was not even experience, and arguments based on experience, because other then not being accepted.
Experts, created the Environment for business and its profitable operations, fell in all of the less wealthy, in comparison with the business layer. I.e. the time which the Experts spent on creating an Environment that business spending on making money in this Environment.
Grown rich same business tried to fix convenient to him the state of Environment. Although it is impossible to do, because any stop, immediately throws back. But they don't know it, because they are not experts.
I.e., the business underestimated those who provided the growth of their profitability and capital growth.
In particular, and for this reason, I passed, transfer to another position, after the second invitation, and the «weight» of the proposal.

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The Expert Council Of The «Open Government». About how the Business itself «sawed» Environment...

Expert councils and their ally White PR : the Economic crisis, as a sure sign of the destruction of the «Environment for Business and citizens

(S) Natalia Yaroslavova-Chistyakova

may 25, 2012, Tyumen
Full the text with the illustrations  in the section «Oil, money and power» of the site

The beginning of

the first part of

the second part of the

Between experts and managers devices Doom there is a conflict of interests. He reminds me of a conflict aristocracy and bureaucracy in the 18-19 centuries.
Moreover, while the expert is working on a law, a worker operates. The apparatchiks more time for intrigues and communication with the purpose of prevention. Yes, and the powers - more.
I would not say that the machine in those years have defeated me. Of crucial importance was, in General, improper organization of all this work. But in order to explain this decision, the need was not even experience, and arguments based on experience, because other then not being accepted.
Experts, created the Environment for business and its profitable operations, fell in all of the less wealthy, in comparison with the business layer. I.e. the time which the Experts spent on creating an Environment that business spending on making money in this Environment.
Grown rich same business tried to fix convenient to him the state of Environment. Although it is impossible to do, because any stop, immediately throws back. But they don't know it, because they are not experts.
I.e., the business underestimated those who provided the growth of their profitability and capital growth.
In particular, and for this reason, I passed, transfer to another position, after the second invitation, and the «weight» of the proposal.
This was the position of Deputy General Director of JSC «Tyumen Gorelektroset», the PR and GR also belonged to my features.
In this period I had the opportunity to combine their knowledge of subsoil use and energy saving, which I studied in the countries of Scandinavia, the result of which was, in particular, article:
«The reform of the electric power industry - as a catalyst for the rational use of subsoil»

Don't rule out that this publication became the reason of a new «love» to me with the district and regional officials, supervising questions of the fuel and energy complex.
So first I started to make an offer to move to other positions, thus trying to remove from the position. Then they won the «force method.»
And so, in 2002 I became the lead examinations outside the System.
The first time I, in fact, expert findings were published in the mass media. With the initiative of the interview came from the media, the founders of which are the bodies of power. And these publications were many - on the whole range of problems.
In this case, almost always in the sphere of my attention remained the law «On subsoil resources» and, in General, the situation in subsoil use, including the restructuring of the state system of subsoil use.
On this was, for example, the article « who will be the key of subsurface area?»  , «Operational management of resources cannot be separated from the resources», «Law on subsoil resources - puzzle for the investor» , «Oil management and production», «the Draft law «On subsoil» - silence investors»,
стр.216 «the History of mining in Russia : «the entrance ticket» to the effective diplomacy». About this same article : «Natalia Chistyakova. The expert Commission on the protection of the rights of investors. Investments in subsoil use :two steps back»

Requests were many. Including, make the examination or reviewed by the Message of the Governor. But by and large, the conditions of freedom of speech and censorship, all of these public examination of no importance. The reception was gone. The ones I criticized the text was presented a biased way. No motive to listen to the criticism they didn't have, because the Criteria of assessment of the activity of the authorities created already officials are themselves under him. All other read geophysicist of Tyumen, had no influence on the situation.
The last project, in cooperation with the System, which can be considered effective for the hearing : my participation in the «Civil Eight in 2006». («Voice of the Tyumen hear the «Big Eight»
In addition, any Examination is a response to some action. I.e. similarly organized Expertise, in itself, is Knowledge.
And work only on the level of Expertise - is a step back in comparison with the Strategy and Priorities, which in fact I started.
I think, therefore, and the Rector of the Higher school of Economics Yaroslav Kuzminov offered to give the Expert Council of the right «to assess the efficiency of public investment», and also «initiate the consideration in the government of their issues, to propose projects».
I.e., this seems to understanding of the fact that the Expert Council should have a leading role.
I'm not sure that this will work out, because the Expert Council on natural resources it was impossible to gather in full strength because of the importance of people and their subordination to the heads of their companies. Besides, no one of them would not undertake to make a full, solid expertise of the draft law. The members of such councils can make a remark at the meeting itself, for some article that caused their protest. But in General the law, as it is done by experts, they view will not.
All my experience suggests that there can be no effective and public expertise. Public examination may show themselves in the Housing code. But to many other laws it will be indifferent. Even though these are «ignored» laws define the comfort of our residence.
As for the announcements around the Expert Council under the Minister for relations with the «Open Government»:
Qualitative examination of, firstly, will be difficult to get, when promulgated the ideas of the organization of this process.
Secondly, I'm not sure, that the examination will not commercial exploration. There is no confidence in the fact that it does not become an instrument of the «showdown». And the danger is that the criticism of the «Business» on the benefits of» will lead to the fact that the whole administrative resource of the government will develop this business.
In those days, when we began our study of public opinion on the priority directions of development of the town Tyumen, there was the intention to balance the social and
промышленню policy. This is evidenced by the article «the corps Director considers. that...» from 8 June 1999.
The first part of

The second part of the

Now all the investments are directed in the «manipulations around public opinion».
I don't want to discuss various public councils and electronic voting. If
М.Прохоров can collect 2 million signatures in order to register a Presidential candidate, then 100 thousand. «electronic signatures», he, moreover, will gather easy.
In the study of opinions of different social groups and business, the main thing is Honesty And Respectability. . Only it has Credibility. This Decency and we are not observed.
Nobility and Honesty «beat» Black PR and Dirty
технолигиями, to the extent that, as the business prospered together with the creation of the Environment.
Then processes have stopped. «The river flowed back»
I do not believe that someone wants to go my way. And 20 years selflessly and free conduct the examination.
I'm not sure that you need this. As already after that the traversed path of carefully reacted to the words of St. Ignatius Brianchaninov: «don't help anybody.» Essence - Everyone must go my own way.
I am convinced that the business values only that what he pays for. More and for this reason free examination  does not reach the goal. And in this case I do not speak in favor of the examination, paid even at a high price. «Flood» bad projects of laws can be any of the most beautiful Expert opinion. And stop this flow of «illiquid standards» should be on a different level. As well as any other «creative work of one nights». Otherwise the country may shudder from thousands of useless initiatives.
I am talking in General, the Institute of expert examination. On the authority of an expert. On the devaluation of the status of the expert.
I believe that the long outgrown this status.
Because the Head of the expert plus PR and GR-this is a completely different format. But on this format, I did not stop.
After checking the whole range of recipients GR, to which addressed at different timesI «updated the Concept of» their own «Open Government» («the foreign intelligence service and the chamber of Commerce before the global challenge, communicators, minorities and non-traditional hydrocarbon» ) .
After all, if we are talking about the relations with  public the head of this structure should not Wait
He must understand the society in conditions, when this is the Company already «
махнуло on the government of hand»
It should ideally be like an angel hovering over Russia : a Discreet, Unobtrusive, the Hearer and the all Understanding ...
I do not think that in such a dialogue is ready to Mikhail Abyzov.
But in any case, it should take into account the above consequences of the destruction of a real institution for examination in Russia, in which invested huge funds...
The results of the disastrous for the business
This article was written a year ago :
«Energy and raw materials Corporation «get lost» in the measurements and the scale of the world economy Facebook»

For the year Facebook has grown by 100%. . The Russian companies dynamics is different. And often negative...
There Is No Environment.
And the General Prosecutor's office there is no help... as Well as the potential of the «Slave Examination» is very limited.
Besides, it is not clear, why go back in the hypostasis of the Experts, those who can predict and see trends.
Only because someone has not passed Evolution?
I can guarantee business of Russia, that even turning into slaves of the whole country and forcing her to «Work» on 24 hours a day, they do not catch up with the pace on Facebook, if you go through the only «examination and communications» without its correction.
I illustrate this article a number of articles and expert opinions, in which the continuation of the conversation. Here it is necessary to pay attention to the date... As long said...

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